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Upton Legal Lawyer Profile: Peter Upton

Attorney Peter Upton


Attorney Upton received his JD degree from Boston University School of Law 1973. Prior to law school, he attended Princeton University where he graduated in 1966 receiving a Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in Philosophy.

Legal Background

In 1966 Attorney Upton entered the Naval Service and attended Officer Candidate School in Newport, Rhode Island and obtained his commission as a reserve officer. Upon graduation he was assigned to the Naval Amphibious School in Coronado, California where he underwent a rigorous course of training for the purpose of further assignment to Navy UDT/SEAL teams, whereafter he was deployed into combat operations in Vietnam.

Following graduation from law school, Attorney Upton returned to Naval Service where he served in the Judge Advocate General's Corps, as Senior Defense Counsel in Norfolk, Virginia. He represented members of the armed forces accused of the commission of high crimes and misdemeanors, thereafter accepting appointment as a Courts Martial Military Judge.

As a Navy lawyer, Attorney Upton achieved national notoriety in: (1) his defense of an Afro-American sailor accused of a breach of peace by uttering profanity in connection with a racially-motivated barracks search, Attorney Upton successfully contending that the speech and the context within which it was used was protected under the First Amendment to the Constitution; (2) his defense of a senior enlisted sailor who refused a high ranking superior officer's order to make coffee, with Attorney Upton successfully contending that the order was legally unenforceable.

Since Honorable Discharge and commencement of his private practice in 1975, Attorney Upton has represented individuals and organizations in connection with dispute resolution, achieving numerous successful results, judgments or verdicts in a wide range of matters which reflect the diversity of his practice.

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Past Affiliations:

- Day, Berry and Howard
- Levy and Droney
- Drake-Kaufman-Upton
- Butler, Norris and Gold
- Eisenbery, Anderson, Michalik and Lynch
- Anderson, Reynolds and Lynch.

Personal Interests & Accomplishments

Attorney Upton resides in the West End of Hartford. He is passionate about his endeavors as a gardener, a Tai-Chi and Yoga practitioner, a painter, and is in tireless pursuit of a golf swing which emulates that of the great Bobby Jones.

"Life - as is Golf -is a game of psychology. It is played in the six-inch course between the ears." - Bobby Jones.

Attorney Upton has written episodically about his involvement in the Vietnam war. A post-combat memoir provided inspiration for the production of a nationally prominent and award-winning documentary film, together with interviews in the CBS newsmagazine 60 Minutes.

Other Noteworthy Accomplishments

◊ Is admitted to the practice of law in Connecticut and practices in both the State and Federal Courts.

◊ Is admitted to practice before the Court of Military Appeals

◊ Practices before administrative boards and agencies including Workers'

◊ Compensation, the Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities, the Social Security Administration, and the Navy and Marine Corps discharge review board

◊ Was a member and published author at the Boston University Law Review

◊ Maintains an active relationship with helping professionals and others who serve Veterans and is often called upon to service the needs of the Veterans' community.

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