Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Veterans Helping Veterans - Connecticut Legal Help For Veterans

Veterans frequently face complicated legal problems stemming from physical and mental injuries sustained during military service. When these legal problems go unresolved, they can quickly multiply, creating insurmountable barriers to successful civilian life. An annual survey by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs consistently shows that legal needs are among the top unmet needs of homeless and low-income veterans. Lawyers play key roles in resolving the complex and intertwined legal issues veterans face. The ultimate goal of UPTON LEGAL is to improve the lives of veterans – once relied upon to serve their country as members of the armed forces – and enable them to return to civilian life as successful community members.

Upton Legal of New Britian CT can help you! As Veteran's ourselves, we have the compassion and experience to help you navigate the complex VA disability system. If you have been denied VA disability benefits, you need an attorney who knows the system and won't give up until you get the compensation you deserve. We know what it is like to serve your country - and now it is time for us to serve you. Call us today to get started. 860-893-0500

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